Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mum is going to BlogPaws

Mum is very excited because she is going to BlogPaws to meet some of my friends and/or their staff.  I am not terribly happy about this as she will not be here to pay attention to me!  No matter how much fun I have at the kennels, I have decided to act miserable when she picks me up so that she feels guilty!  She says I can't go to BlogPaws because (1) I am too big for the hotel (weight limit is 40lbs - I'm 54lbs and she doesn't seem to understand how well I can suck in my stomach when needed!),(2) I probably would not behave - well that's a given (harumph!) but why is that remotely relevant???

I am consoling myself with the fact that BlogPaws will not be any fun without me.  Mum, on the other hand, can't wait to meet some of our anipals and their peeps.  In fact, the more I think about it, she's way too excited about it and seems to have lost track of the fact that I WON'T BE THERE!!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic time and, if you see mum, be nice to her - it'll make up for how miserable I will make her for leaving me behind! Just in case you think I'm bad, Arthur the cat is already making her feel guilty and she hasn't even left yet and, trust me, where my doggy brain will forget all about this in about 10 minutes, his kitty brain will hold a grudge for weeks!

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