Saturday, September 25, 2010

Less Adoptable Pets in Madison, Wisconsin

This week is Petfinder's Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet week and Be the Change for Pets challenged us to find a local less adoptable pet and promote him or her on our blogs. I had a specific dog in mind that I wanted to promote.  I had met her when we were adopting Rory and even got to play with her for a little while.  However, when I went to the list of adoptable dogs on my local shelter's website to see if she was still there, the first dog that popped up on the list was one who has been waiting for a home since June of 2009. That's a long time to wait for a home.  He was only recently added to the website because he has been in foster care getting help with some of the issues that make him less adoptable.

So, what is this pup to do? Which dog do I promote?  Well, of course, I couldn't choose one and ignore the other so I would like you to meet both Kingsley and Gabby.

First, let me tell you a little about Kingsley:

Kingsley is a male chihuahua who has been waiting for a home since June 2009.  He has several things that put him in the less adoptable pet category and will need a special home willing to help him with his special needs. If you look at the petfinder survey on reasons why pets are hard to place, you will find that medical problems and shyness are number 2 and number 4.  Kingsley is both shy and has medical problems. Kingsley was a puppy mill dog who was not cared for or socialized properly when he was young.  As a result, he is easily overwhelmed by new situations or meeting new people.  He suffers from seizures, which are fortunately well controlled by medication.  In many shelters, he would have been deemed unadoptable and sent to the Rainbow Bridge but he was fortunate enough to end up in our local shelter and have the opportunity to work on his shyness with the help of a loving foster family.  He is now at a point where his foster mom thinks he is ready to move on to a furever home and be someone else's adorable, snuggly lap dog.  He has not been around children but does live with two other chihuahuas and a cat.  Larger  dogs, like me, make him nervous so he needs a home without us big guys around.  If you think you are that special home and have room in your heart for Kingsley, please call or visit the Dane County Humane Society (608 838 0413) and let them know you'd like to meet him.  Here are his details:

Next, I would like you to meet Gabby:

Gabby is a beautiful girl, who wears @frugaldougal's famous "one ear up, one ear down" look very well. Look at that happy face!  Trust me, her pictures do not do her justice, this is one pretty dog - put a pink collar and harness on this girl and she will be the most stylish dog in town!  Gabby has been waiting for a home since June 1st of this year.  I met her when we were adopting Rory.  She's fun, friendly, and likes to play so why is she having such a hard time finding a home?  Well, most likely because of the number 3 reason on the Petfinder survey - breed prejudice.  Gabby is a pitbull terrier.  Not only are our shelters full of pitbulls, the breed is perceived as aggressive and this means that they are low on people's list of pets they want to adopt.  Properly socialized and trained, a pitbull can make a wonderful pet.  They are fun-loving dogs who want to please.  We meet a lovely pure-bred pitbull on our walk sometimes and our puppy, Rory, loves playing with her. 

Gabby is an energetic dog who loves to play and will need an active owner who can give her lots of exercise.  She is cleared for kids over age 10 but would be a bit too much dog for young children.  She loves to snuggle and have her belly rubbed and, unlike me, she is treat motivated so would do well in training classes.  She'd also love to take her new family to Dane County Humane Society's Positively Pitties classes to help them learn more about the breed, help her learn good manners, and ensure a successful adoption.  
If you have room in your heart for Gabby, please call or visit the Dane County Humane Society (608 838 0413) so you can meet her.  Here is her information:

If you are thinking about a pet, do take a look at the pets that have been in your shelter a long time.  Often they are overlooked because everyone assumes there is something wrong with them when no-one wants them.  You never know, that less-adoptable pet might be the perfect companion you are looking for.

Just woofing....


  1. My cheese hatted friend... I had to come by to thank you for your kind words to Inigo. We appreciate it so much that you kept us in your thoughts.

  2. I just want to say tha my fiance and I are dedicated volunteers at DCHS and have worked closely with Gabby over her stay at the shelter. We have no idea why she is still there (other than that she is a pit mix). She is a cuddly, gorgeous girl, loves other dogs and has great manners when playing with them, and is incredibly affectionate. I love whe she sits on my lap and gives kisses. She is young, well mannered, and knows many commands..She would make an incredible pet and will greatly enhance her adopter's life if someone would just give her a chance.

  3. Oh Kingsley, you look so nice. I wish you lived closer so we could meet. Best wishes in finding your forever home. -Maggie