Friday, April 8, 2011

Urgent!!! - home needed for Pugs and Doodles

I recently received an email from a friend asking if I could help find a home for two dogs in Wisconsin who urgently need to be rehomed out of a domestic violence situation.  Please help spread the word so we can find a home for these pups.

More information
Pugs and Doodles are brothers aged one year and 4 months, who live in Green Lake County, Wisconsin.    Sadly, their human mom is in an abusive marriage and needs to leave as soon as possible with her 9 year old daughter.  She is not able to take her much loved dogs with her and is very worried about them.  She would like the dogs to find a home together where they can be safe and loved.

The dogs are both lab mixes and they are litter mates.  They are used to being around lots of people, including small children.  Although the dogs are well fed and loved, they have not been neutered and may not be up to date on their shots.

Meet Pugs  - he is the larger of the two (about the size of a small doberman) and loves walks, playing and snuggling. Isn't he adorable?

This is his brother, Doodles.  Doodles is much shorter, a little smaller than a cocker spaniel (he has short little legs - compare them to Pugs' lanky legs in the picture above) but is also super-cute.
Their mom is very worried about them being separated or placed in a situation where their future is uncertain. If you or anyone you know can help, please let me know and I will pass the information along to the my friends who are helping with this situation.

Fergus xxx


  1. UPDATE: Looks like we need a temporary foster home for these sweet boys. Can you help?

  2. We is in the UK my chum so I dussnt fink we can elp but we do wish you all luck wiv your searchin

  3. Great news on this. The lady and her daughter are out of the situation and in a safe place. A home has been found for them and they'll be moving to California this weekend. @thenascarkitty did a fantastic job in helping this family and making it happen. High paw my friend!!

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  5. I didn't read that previous comment closely enough! I kind of skimmed over the first line and thought the dogs had found a home in Cali.

    Well, I'm glad the mother and daughter have found a safe place to go, and that they are getting out of a bad situation.

    I will pass this information to all my animal-loving friends on Twitter- with the hopes that they can find a good home for these sweet dogs.