Monday, May 13, 2013

About time I was blogging again.....

I have been very remiss about my blog so I have decided it is time I got back to sharing my random woofs with everyone.  I definitely could blame Mum for this because I do depend on her to type for me and she's been "busy with work, pets, kids, etc." but then she showed me this picture and I have to concede that I may have been sleeping on the job.

So, in order to rectify this situation, I decide to send her off to Blogpaws to try to get her motivated again.  Worryingly, she seems much more excited about connecting with some of my anipals such as Brewskie Butt's mom or Cosmo Havanese's mom than she is about reigniting my blogging career.  So, if you're going to Blogpaws and you see mum, please remind her that she's not just there to have fun!  On the plus side, she did manage to score me some of Brewskie's unending bacon hooch at one of the previous Blogpaws so all that socializing has its perks.

I can't begin to tell you how much trouble I've been in at #pawpawties thanks to the Brew's hooch!  For anyone who has not discovered Brew's hooch, here I am with a whole jug of the wonderful stuff.  Sadly, the last year has been tough and I have lost a lot of my late night Twitter dog pack so please help yourself to my hooch and take a moment to raise your glass in a little rememberance toast to #pawpawty organizer extraordinaire @frugaldougal, my original DJ buddy @cosmohavanese, @sylviedog, the first ever #pawpawty barktender, sekurity chief @brutusthedane, and my wonderful DJs @bunnyjeancook and @sanjeethecat who all left us for the rainbow bridge.   

 I won't be with Mum at Blogpaws (I know you're all disappointed) but that would be way too much excitement for me.  Instead, I'll be hanging out with Rory and Arthur and some wonderful friends at Chesterfield Kennel.  Here we are on the roadtrip to Chesterfield.    You can't see Arthur cat because he's in the back seat hanging out with Callum, my boy kid.  He seemed to much prefer being back there to sitting in the middle with Rory and me.  I can't imagine why?  Oh, wait a minute, he did complain that I whined too much the last time.  It's weird how cats can't tell the difference between whining and singing.

Just in case you were wondering, that thing around Rory's nose is a gentle leader and the black harnesses are seatbelt harnesses.  Mum is all about safety - no-one, no matter how many legs, gets to travel without a seatbelt.  Even Arthur's cat carrier is strapped in although you can't see him in the picture. If you look carefully though, you may be able to tell that Rory got himself a bit tangled up.  I solved that by unhooking him using my special ability to paw at the seatbelt button to spring him free.  Come to think of it, Mum wasn't terribly happy about this but I think most people would agree that my ability to unhook a seatbelt is quite impressive.  Rory was particularly impressed.  I would teach him how to do it but he's a bit of a slow learner.  I guess not everyone can be as clever as me.

Well, that's it for now.  If you happen to be at Blogpaws, say Hi to Mum and remind her that I need a reliable typist.  I would threaten to replace her but she knows just the right places to scratch and she keeps me supplied in treats and rawhides so I guess I'll keep her :)


  1. Mom's looking furward to seeing your mom at BlogPaws! Tell her to look fur the flat Prudence!

    1. I will. She'll be excited to see your mom :-)

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